Why Your Twenties is the Defining Decade of Your Life

6:37 PM

One thing I'm most scared of in life is being 45 years old and looking back and realizing there was so much more I could’ve done with my time. This is one defining moment I strive to avoid every single day.

One of the questions I have been asking myself the most recently is: Where can I spend the majority of my time right now to create the life I want not just for tomorrow but for ten years from now? Have I been hanging on to "just for fun” relationships OR "just to pay the bills” jobs? How can I spend less time on these & more time on a career that matters & a love that lasts?

Why does it matter? Well I’ve been meaning to read Defining Decade all last year and I finally did. One piece of information the book mentioned that I found to be most surprising was that more and more thirty year olds report regret of not paying enough attention to a purposeful career & intentional love in their 20s.

Both career and love are the core aspects of life that matter most to many people across America and quite boldly, I'd even argue: the world. Once I came to this realization I thought to myself WHOA, there's a total of 2 things in our twenties that will set the course for the rest of our lives? Now that's scary enough to get me moving forward with both intention and purpose.

The biggest lesson I get from this book is: don't wait. If you have dreams, forget saying “I have enough time,” the time is now. If life were a house, consider these very moments to be the bricks we lay to build a strong foundation to that house. Lets not wait until tomorrow to get serious and intentional about the relationships we choose to get in to. Lets not wait until tomorrow to realize the career of our dreams are only several steps away if only we spend enough time working towards it.

What I try to keep top of mind everyday is that the choices I make today actually do affect my near future. When we finally draw out a timeline of all the dreams we want to make come true & the amount of time it will take to accomplish them, we realize we don't quite have much time after all. My vow to myself is that I won't wait around until it's too late, I'll let the desire for zero regrets drive me. Let's prioritize our most important relationships & the building of a career we love. Let's spark up this world with love, passion and energy. The time is now, I don't intend to slow down. Will you?

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