Faith and Imagination Go A Long Way

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Binghamton University

Things go bad sometimes. I remember several years ago, I made the difficult decision to transfer out of Binghamton University. This was the #1 University I so badly wanted to attend during high school because of it's beautiful campus and high regard for business within the State University of New York system. Plus being away from home meant growth and independence. So much to learn!

I had to leave the University for a number of reasons including difficult financial circumstances, I made the decision to come back home to New York City. For the next year and a half of my life, I questioned over and over again whether or not I made the right decision. I missed Binghamton so much!

Everything you go through is preparing you for something greater.

After I transferred into my new college, Baruch College, I was still at war with thoughts of what was, what could be and what will never be. But after a couple months more of realizing there's no turning back, I finally saw that with this change of environment I was missing two things: imagination to dream up an even better future & the faith that things will work out better than I could ever imagine. It was game time! 

Ellie Claire Journal
I thought to myself: "The creation of this better future is completely in my hands." It was time to start imagining all of the things I wanted to make of my college years and have faith that the things I dream up can absolutely come true. 

A few months later I bought an Ellie Claire journal. My first semester at Baruch I wrote my first journal entry where I dreamed up all of the great things I wanted to do with my time at this new college. A few of those dreams were to go abroad to a new country, meet great people and friends, join two associations - one called AKPsi and another called ALPFA. It was this time of imagination + faith which fueled the rest of my college years. 

Faith begins where doubt ends

Had I spent any more time crying and whining about how much I missed being at Binghamton and all of the cool things I probably could've done there, I might have never thought of these dreams nor had the courage to write them down where there are no guarantees. This year I finished that entire journal and I'm proud to have closed that journal with a checklist of everything I accomplished and more. 

Dancing With Friends
Dancing with friends
I not only joined both organizations I wanted to join but I drove a small but important change in both, I went abroad to one of my FAVORITE countries ever: Brazil where I taught University students about start-up businesses, and even found a great group of girl friends that not only can I party hard with but also encourage and motivate each other's growth. 

Now that I am about to graduate, I know that this entire college journey was fueled by those two very forces: Imagination and faith. I couldn't have asked for a better, more well rounded, more fulfilling experience than what I had. If I can live the rest of my life through the faith that anything I dream in life I can make happen, then I cannot wait to see what the future holds. Can you? 

Faith takes the weight off your shoulders; Stay light weight

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