Being Early To Work Has Made Me More Spiritual

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There's something beautiful about not rushing. Well - of course. But in between grabbing breakfast, putting on make-up and delays in transportation many times we can be right on the money in terms of timing, but as they say - "If you're on time, you're late."

As I started my internship at JP Morgan Chase this June, I knew there was no room for error which being even a minute late could cause. I set the goal - be extra early every day. I now get up 30 minutes before I usually did & it has made a world of a difference on the most surprising area of my life - my spirituality. How?

I Read More                                                          
Reading has always been a source of happiness for me. I wake up and crack open a physical book to soak in all the inner wisdom, emotions and stories of the people (writers) I might never meet in my life. Being early has given me the time and the space to become one with the new thoughts these books materialize within me.

I Breathe Intentionally

Did you know? Almost being late can make you feel like someone has knocked the air right out of you. When you're extra early, there's nothing more relaxing than walking and breathing slowly. Try it, it almost feels like portable meditation.

I Thank God More 

Wow. There's so much time to grateful be for everything when you're extra early. Getting to the office on a bright summer day with lots of time to spare made me actually notice what I'm doing. I'm walking into the building of one of the world's largest, most successful banks. What? I'm a marketing major so never in a million years did I think I'd be here & love it. Every morning as I walk toward the building, I take a minute or so to talk to God and let Him know I'm not taking this moment for granted.

Want to learn about the benefits of spirituality? I found this informative video about the link between religious/spiritual beliefs and the brain. Check it out!

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