Why Every Young Girl Should Read "Eat Pray Love" Even After 10 years

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You're a free, curious spirit. Always looking for the next best thing in your life. You have your whole career set in stone, you have a somewhat clear but also somewhat messy vision of what you want for yourself. You have dreams within you and creative energy which are going unfulfilled either because of outside influences you hate to admit exist or because of your own fear of trusting your inner voice. I'm just like you and through out Eat Pray Love you can catch glimpses of how Liz is just like us: wanting to move closer to our truer selves. Maybe it's just a human thing (shrugs) 

1) It will open up your eyes to generational differences

Liz is little like her mama & she knows it. The empowering realization that you don't have to be frees your soul. Maybe you grew up in a household where "this is the way we do things around here" goes. Or maybe you were left to your own vices to figure it out only through observing the way others do things. In either case you might have felt within your bones something's got to change in your personal life, or else you'll go mad & lose yourself. Within the first few chapters we already get a sense of Liz recreating personal principles and boundaries which weren't had in generations before hers.

2) It will inspire you to take risks without guarantee

When Liz realized she had to do things differently, she took some risky action to create that change. You may have come to realize the character you've been playing in your life might have been assigned to you because of outside influences at home, school, work or social media. But then it hits you - this character isn't who you truly are, nor is it who you want to be. Aren't you glad it's never too late? While it is scary to step into the unknown territory that change always seems to occupy, you might discover some hidden gems within yourself along the way. 

3) You will realize sometimes you don't need all the facts to find pleasure in certain places

Throughout Liz's journey in Italy, she didn't know all the facts about where she was going. Her main focus was finding pleasure in each city she visited and finding the good people she could share that experience with. Through her journey in Italy Liz taught us that once you have the right people by your side- discovering facts about some place or experience comes along with the package. So don't worry if you don't know what your next move is- go out there, explore dream, discover. 

4) She will inspire you to explore the depths of your spirituality

An already established woman or a young college gal finding her way. Liz's story can inspire you to look within yourself to explore what makes you human. "Eat Pay Love" can serve as an introduction to your personal oath towards self discovery, the desire to connect with your grounded self and a higher being. This book will make you want to move at least one step closer in your spiritual path even if you haven't done so ever before. If science is your thing, researchers says spirituality leads to higher brain capacity and a stronger mind. Give it a shot. 

5) It will remind you to believe in your intuition: 

She knew it was time to go. No matter the good character of her husband, she knew the relationship was only slowly draining her life & the time to get up and leave had arrived. She knew it couldn't go any further and although she had no idea how green the grass on the other side was, she elbowed her way out of her unfulfilling relationship. 

6) It'll make you realize that maybe your life doesn't have to look like this: 

Many, many, many people have been moved by Liz's story. Some of them have rebuilt relationships with themselves, discovered their identity they have been hiding from and gone out on a whim to actually realize their dreams!! If they can do it so can WE.

7) she will make you want to SHARE YOUR STORY

We can clearly see Liz's path wasn't a perfect one. But though the challenges she faced, her approach in getting through them we can all say she touched us in one way or other. Everyone's story has the power to change the lives of many others. Yes! Even yours! So lets go out there and share our story to the world, it might be the precise healing medicine someone needed to hear for they're own dose of inspiration.

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