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When we think of success in America many times we think of two things: money & possessions. All external matters. White picket fence, the latest & greatest technology.
We rarely think of the internal successes of inner peace, self love and growth we've succeeded in creating for ourselves. The smiles, the gratitude, the self-confidence.Via Leeny seeks a redefinition of success by exploring the ways we experience achievement in the external world & how we transmit that awesome energy from within. I find inspiration to improve my internal life through the books I read, the videos I watch, people I surround myself with and the jobs I take on.

My name is Ayleen Nazario AKA LEENY! As a Baruch College student I have found ways to build my successes. While in college I have travelled to Brazil to teach students about start up businesses and took that time to travel to Argentina & Paraguay too! ( I've got the travel bug ;])

I have also gone to become president of one of the organizations on campus called ALPFA. Lastly through all of these experiences, I have had the pleasure of working for some pretty cool firms & agencies such as Grey Group and Viacom. This summer, I have the honor and the pleasure to be chosen as a Marketing & Product Development intern for JP Morgan Chase. YIPPIE !!!

These are all of my dreams come true within my college career. I couldn't have done any of it without first building my internal self enough to love the journey, walk away when some thing didn't suit me and persist on until I succeeded.  There's external successes and they're amazing. To me? The most important successes are the ones we experiences through building our inner values.

I'd love to know ....What do you define as success? Is it being able to take a trip around the world? Having an online brand? Getting the job of your dreams? All the while keeping up a strong internal life. ViaLeeny touches on reaching YOUR definition of success through the focus on inner peace, self love and continuous growth which elevates us to a new level of achievment. Check out my Instagram for a snapshot of my inner thoughts --> ViaLeeny

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